M&W Hay Trailers

Hay Express Trailers

Hay Express Trailer Sizes include

  • 6-Bail Gooseneck 32'
  • 7-Bail Gooseneck 37'
  • 8-Bail Gooseneck 42'

Easy to unload. A little lift on the tilt handle is all it takes to het the hay rolling.

2 x 2 3/16 square tubing for support arms.

  • 24'' support arm centers on 41' model
  • 30'' support arm centers on 37' model
  • 36'' support arm centers on 32' model

Just like the design of a bridge truss, the longer the span- the closer the support bracing. Engineered for more strength.



Opposing locking mechanism to ensure your load stays secure while going down the highway. Front latch locks forward and rear latch locks backwards. No springs or mechanisms to break and/or wera out.

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