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Nothing is more important than keeping your fences up-to-date. McCorkle Hardware carries a wide range of high quality panels and gates. Stop by for a look at our selection and let our friendly staff guide you through the selection process. 

B&W Heavy and Light Gates

All B&W gates are sizes 4' through 20'. They are all powder coated with Super Durable UV Resistant Paint. All gates have 3/4”x12” bolts, with three bolts for 18’ and 20’ lengths


  • The B&W Heavy Red Gates are 2'' 6 Rail 50'' 16 Gauge.
  • The B&W Light Green Gates are 1 3/4'' 6 Rail 50'' 18 Gauge

Corbin Steel Gates

Corbin Gate Description

  • Sizes include 4' through 20' in length.
  • Made with 1 1/4''x11 gauge pipe
  • Spaced to match the continuouse fence panels
  • Comes standard with a corner chain latch, but we also have other latches available.
  • Weld on hinges are built into the gate by sleeving the end pipe to make hanging gates on steep pipe quick and easy.
  • They are all unpainted.
  • 6-bars

Continuous Fence Panels

Continuous Fence Panel Description

  • All new #1 steel
  • Steel Round Bar for upright Bracing
  • Complete welds prevent water, dirt and manure from settling causing rust out
  • Panels made with 1 1/4'' x 14 gauge pipe
  • Each panel has 4 vertical bars

Sizes Include:

                      ~ 5 Rail

                      ~ 6 Rail

                      ~ 7 Rail


Also avaliable with an extra vertical bar






Priefert Panels

Premier Panel

For over 25 years, Priefert's Premier Panels have proven to have outstanding popularity among horse and cattle owners. It provides the most versatility, superior durability, and arguably the best value of any panel on the market. The architectural grade powder coat finish helps this panel resist scratching and the deteriorating effects of the weather. Available in 6'-16' lengths.

Utility Panel

Priefert's Utility Panels are versatile and safe for the mast majority of horse owners' needs. Fisherhook tops combined with oval end frames and chain connectors help insure a snug fit while eliminating space between panels. J-legs help keep panels from sinking in softer ground and allow panels to be slid when portability is required. This panel also has the powder coat finish. Available in sizes 6', 10', 12', and 16' lengths.

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