HMC Cube Feeders

16G Galvanized Steel Contruction

Chain Driven

Heavy Duty Starter Motor and Solenoid


Approx Capacity (lb) Feeder Size
460 lb UTV 20x45hx51
800lb 30x30hx69
800lb Wide 20x33hx81
1000 lb Wide 20x39hx81
1200lb  30x39x69
1600lb  30x43x81
2000lb 32x52x81
2500lb 42x48x81
4000lb 42x59x96
Scales are available

Franklin Ground Mineral Feeder

Item number: 30080

  • Weight 39lbs
  • Diameter 35''
  • Thick Wall Plastic
  • Removable 3/8'' heavy rubber flap

Sioux Mineral Feeder

Upright Mineral Feeder

  • Beveled hood opening is 28'' x 24''
  • Low center of gravity for stability
  • Top of tub is 23'' from ground so calves can gain easy access
  • Aerodynamic hood and wind vane aids directional control
  • Full 360 degree rotation protects expensive suppliments from the elements
  • The 48'' x 48'' tubular base frame is constructed of 2'' 16 gauge, 50,000 psi steel tubing for strength and stability.


  • Face Fly Unit: Control of flies, installed in minutes
  • Tip Tank and Mop: Handles only liquid insecticides. Constructed of polyethylene to eliminate rust.
  • Insecticide Dust Bag: Releases dust as cattle come into contact

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