Pex Pipe & Sharbite Fittings

The plumbers new best friend (PEX) pipe and fittings are now in stock at McCorkles!

in Pex pipe we carry 1/2" 160 psi 100' and 300' rolls. we sell by the foot or full rolls. pex pipe comes in a variety of colors including red,blue,white,and orange (oxy-barrier). we carry red,blue, and white most of the time and the oxy-barrier orange we special order. please stop in and check out our PEX products!

 Sharkbite fittings are very handy for the household plumber. Sharkbite fittings are great for adapting copper,cpvc,or pex pipe to whatever your job calls for! please call for more information on the Sharkbite fittings we stock!


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